Biergarten (Beer Garden)

$10,000 – This Biergarten will be made up of fifty tables and one hundred benches with sight lines to the LED projection screen and the music tent. There will also be standing tables dotted around the area. This Biergarten will easily hold 600-1000 people sitting and standing.

It will be encircled by 15 – 20 food and merchandise vendors offering grab-and-go meals. These will range from the traditional bratwurst and pretzels as well as Turkish street food, crepes, and pizza.

sponsorship benefits

Banner Signage

Your logo or company name on banner signage, hanging inside of the biergarten

Brand Exposure

Your logo on all paper, digital, and entrance signage in the second largest sponsorship font


Verbal recognition at every live performance of the festival

Table Reservation

3 table reservation (24 total people) for one weeknight, Monday-Thursday including: wristbands ; ½ liter glass beer mugs ; three beers per person ; one meal per person ; traditional Bavarian pretzels at each table

Social Media

Social media stories and posts leading up to the event and during the event. One post per week leading up to the event mentioning your brand and logo. One post per day during the event mentioning your brand.

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