Musikzelt (Music Tent)

$15,000 – Music is essential to any beer festival in the German speaking world, and traditional Blaskapelle Musik (commonly referred to as oompah music in the US) is the hallmark of any festival. Music organizer Nick Edelstein has been working in the Atlanta music scene for decades and is steeped in musical experience.

He has created a network with a very far reach. He will ensure that there will be varied live acts every night from 5:30 -9:00, 6:30-10:00 on weekends. There will be afternoon sets for an additional 2.5 hours on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Bundle Sponsorship Opportunity

The Christmas market music tent for a total of $25,000 sponsoring both festivals. 

The Christmas market will also have a music stage. We will be featuring choral, brass, woodwind, and string groups, from in and around the metro Atlanta area. They will play traditional German and Christmas music. We will also offer jazz and horn players from the area to add ambience throughout the market. There will be several large group performances throughout the market times, and a published schedule will be updated weekly on our website and teased out through social media channels.

sponsorship benefits

Banner Signage

Your logo or company name on banner signage, hanging in front of the music tent

Brand Exposure

Your logo on all paper, digital, and entrance signage in the second largest sponsorship font


Verbal recognition at every live performance of the festival

Table Reservation

4 table reservation (32 total people) for one weeknight, Monday-Thursday including: wristbands ; ½ liter glass beer mugs ; three beers per person ; one meal per person ; traditional Bavarian pretzels at each table

Social Media

Social media stories and posts leading up to the event and during the event. One post per week leading up to the event mentioning your brand and logo. One post per day during the event mentioning your brand.

Become an Octoberfest Sponsor

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